Far Away Farm
Glenmoore, PA

Far Away Farm's central location is only 1.2 miles from the Country Corner. The 48 acre farm located there is home to Hereford cattle, Boer goats, chickens and hogs all raised naturally for the consumer. From the day an animal comes to the farm to the day it is harvested we strive to raise them in the best environment and feed as much grass as possible. 

Far Away Farm has a branch farm in Elverson. Here we graze cow-calf pairs and steer during the summer. After the goats kid out in the spring this farm becomes their home. At this 100 acre farm corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa is grown and used for feeding the animals on both farms. In growing these crops the least pesticides are used. Corn silage is also produced from the corn raised here, this is one of the primary sources of feed for our cattle. 

Far Away Farm is home to a small show string. Each of George and Jean's four children have shown 4-H projects on a local, state level and even a national level. In January of 2011 Emily won Champion Hereford Steer at the Pennsylvania Farm Show! 

During the summer Far Away Farm raises hogs. Some of these pigs are raised as 4-H project animals so they are raised with the best of respect and care. This includes keeping them in an open environment and feeding them a natural plant based feed without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. These hogs also are walked daily to help them develop more muscle tone. 

George E. Ley - owner with new kid

George E. Ley - owner with new kid

Four years ago Far Away Farm welcomed 10 goats. They are now enjoying their third kidding season with a total of 5 kids so far this year, and more to come. 

Far Away Farm is also home to a flock of laying hens which are raised free range to produce eggs. Each chicken averages 1 egg a day. This may not seem like much but the size of some of the eggs we see are HUGE! During the year Far Away Farm also raises broiler chickens. These chickens are fed a plant based food which has no synthetic hormones or antibiotics added. 

At Far Away Farm we strive to raise every animal naturally and with extreme care. Now that Far Away Farms Country Corner is open, the beef, pork and poultry are all be sold in store front and are also being used in breakfast, lunch, and bakery items.