Organic vs. Natural
what it means to us

We classify our meat as "all natural," however we go above and beyond the regulations and hit many of the organic regulations, such as, unrestricted access to the outdoors and never ingesting any animal byproducts.

By definition, organic beef is raised all organically. From birth to harvesting each animal must be fed 100% US Organic grains and grasses. Antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones are restricted from organic beef. Organic beef must have unlimited access to the outdoors.

Feedlots with many animals, and little acreage regularly put antibiotics in their feed to keep their animals from spreading disease. Most of those animals are injected with synthetic hormones.

We are not a feedlot. Our cattle graze on many acres of pasture on our two farms. They are supplemented with grain, grown on our farms with the least amount of pesticides possible. The only time any animal receives antibiotics is to keep it safe. If the animal becomes sick and the only way to help the animal recover is to give it antibiotics- we do so, we feel it is more important to be humane and keep our animals healthy then to let them suffer without medications.

According to the definition of natural beef, the main differences lie in the harvesting process. Natural beef is processed without flavorings, colorings, preservatives or synthetic additives. Regulations do not address their food or environment; there are no requirements that the cattle have access to the outdoors. Hopefully it can be gathered from the information listed in this website that we take pride in what we feed our animals and the fact that our cattle have vast pastures and unlimited access to the outdoors. One thing that has not been discussed is the harvesting of the meat. As said above, when the meat is processed it is done without flavorings, colorings, preservatives or synthetic additives. All our meat is butchered at a USDA regulated facility.


Most Common Questions

How do I place an order?
Call Far Away Farm Country Corner at (610) 942-2848

How and where is the beef sold?
The beef is sold in the Far Away Farm Country Corner store. Each cut is sold by the pound.

Do you sell beef quarters and halves?
We only sell beef quarters at this time. These weigh about 100 lbs. You will receive about 30 lbs. of ground beef; the balance are cuts.

Do you butcher your own animals or do you use a butcher off your farm?
We do not butcher our own animals. Our animals are butchered and packaged at a U.S.D.A. certified facility. 

How is the meat packaged?
All meat comes vacuum packed. 

How much does your meat cost?
Our prices are always changing so please call or stop by the store for the prices. 


Our Poultry and Eggs

We raise Free Range chickens with unlimited outdoor access. Our chickens are cage free, all natural, vegitarian-fed and as always there are no synthetic hormones or additives in their feed. This is what makes our poultry and eggs so tasty! Please click our link below to see all these qualities defined.